Bandai-Atami Spa. 
hanare-no-yado YOMOGINO
We offer a feeling of relaxed luxury.

Atami 5-33, Atami-machi, Koriyama-shi,
Fukushima 963-1309
TEL +81-24-984-2671
FAX +81-24-984-2672
E-mail : yomogino-atami@bird.ocn.ne.jp

Yomogino with Detached Rooms at Bandai Atami Hot Springs

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About Yomogino.
Bandai Atami Hot Springs are located to the northwest of Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, 250 km to the north of Tokyo.

Lake Inawashiro is located near us. It is famous for being the third largest lake in Japan and its water clarity ranks second. Our guests will also enjoy a close view of Mt. Aizubandai that is sung about in folk songs.
Gohyaku River is blessed with nature and reminds our guests of the good, old, traditional Japanese countryside.

Mt. Yomogi embraces Yomogino with its 13 detached rooms in an area of 6,600m2 surrounded by a brick wall.

The main building imitates the Kura (warehouse) architecture of Kitakata City, which is famous for being big and sturdy looking.

Our guests will enjoy enchanting and attractive sights, rooms, furnishings, foods, and hot springs. With the spirit of tea ceremony in mind, we welcome our guests with friendly and hospitable service.

There are no steps in the corridors, and Yomogino is one story so that physically challenged guests will find it comfortable to stay with us. There is also an elevator to the big bath located on the second floor of the main building.

We have a Souan-style chashitsu (small room and a four-and-a-half-mat room) and a Shoin-style chashitsu (large room). A chashitsu (tea ceremony room) is a room or a building that is designed and designated for serving tea . The purpose of Chaji (a full tea presentation with a meal) is to treat the guests with hospitality. By learning the spirit of tea ceremony, we are also trying to treat our guests with hospitality.